5 Best Flooring Types For a Rental Property in 2022

Last Updated July 2022

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Flooring is one of those basic pillars of renovating a rental property. Whenever a tenant moves out, Landlords usually first consider swapping out flooring. Cost and longevity strategy can vary depending on Landlord preference. Some apartment owners choose to continually change out carpet after every tenant turnover, while others choose to pay the premium in advance and install tile throughout the unit to avoid floor changes for many years to come. Below we explore the top 5 flooring types for rental properties based on 5 different factors that landlords should consider when determining which flooring type is best for their rental property investment.

Best Overall

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

Best Economy


The modern carpet industry dates back to 1791 and is the most common flooring type throughout modern North American houses. While this fan favorite flooring material is widespread, it is not always the best option for rental real estate due to the fact that it wears out.

Best Premium


Although usually used in kitchen and bathroom flooring, tile is also used throughout a rental property in areas such as living rooms and hallways. Popular styles are “stone look” or “wood look” which mimics the same as a hardwood floor design.

Best Durability


Laminate flooring gives the best of many worlds – it looks like hardwood, but is affordable and very durable. Laminate is made from high-resolution photos of actual hardwood grain, stone, or any other design. It is then printed onto a fiberboard backing and covered by a scratch-resistant topcoat.

Best Commercial

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