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What is SecurCare Self Storage?

SecurCare Self Storage, a member of the NSA Brands family, operates over 275 self-storage facilities across the United States, continually expanding its reach​​. Established in 1988 and headquartered in Lone Tree, Colorado, this privately held company offers a diverse range of storage unit sizes in 14 states, with facilities equipped to store various types of vehicles and featuring climate-controlled units with 24/7 monitoring for enhanced security​​. Beyond just storage units, SecurCare also provides additional services like moving supplies, business and residential storage solutions, moving truck rentals, and comprehensive storage security options​​.

SecurCare is a member of the National Storage Affiliates brands family and a real estate investment trust,

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SecurCare Self Storage offers a wide array of storage solutions, including personal and business storage units in various sizes, climate-controlled options, and spaces large enough for vehicle storage, all equipped with 24/7 monitoring for enhanced security. Additionally, the company provides convenient services such as moving truck rentals and a range of moving supplies, catering to diverse storage and relocation needs.

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Who Owns SecurCare Self Storage?

SecurCare Self Storage is a part of the National Storage Affiliates Trust (NSA), a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “NSA.” As a part of NSA, SecurCare Self Storage is ultimately owned by the shareholders of National Storage Affiliates, which include individual and institutional investors. NSA operates as a cooperative of several self-storage brands, including iStorage, pooling resources and management to operate efficiently across various locations.

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